Welcome to Helsinki – for Global Good

As the main stage for Finland’s EU Presidency period from July to December 2019, Helsinki shall be hosting around 20 000 EU delegates. Welcome to the most functional metropolis in the world, where it is easy to move around and sense good daily life!

Cities are drivers of change

Cities have always been at the forefront of problem solving and carried forward revolutionary innovations. Cities have always been and continue to be centres of education and civilization. In history, cities have been states, cities have declined, yet today we are in an era of cities being the power centres and, what I believe, drivers of change. As cities continue to grow and will soon be home to nearly 70% of the world’s population, the 21st Century will serve as 3rd coming of the cities.

What is the Helsinki Impact Conference

The Helsinki Impact Conference celebrates the Finnish EU Presidency and the city driven future of the European community. The Conference calls for the empowerment of European cities as global impact makers in creating better urban futures for us all. Cities are the glue that holds the European Union together.