Conference 2019

The EU is as strong as its

cities and neighbourhoods

9-10 October 2019,

Helsinki Music Centre

Helsinki Impact Conference calls together decision makers and city officials from leading European cities to share insights on how cities act as global change-makers.

Cities are the glue that holds the European community together. They are platforms where local actors from citizens to private sector companies and universities can tackle global challenges. Through sharing power and working in partnerships we strengthen the ownership of the city and enable innovation. Globally and locally meaningful solutions to rapid growth, immigration, growing segregation and climate change are created within our cities.

The Conference gives an extensive insight into the state of European cities as a network of urban change-makers and presents best practice examples of cohesive urban planning. Systemic level change is achieved through a long-term planning vision combined with actions that can be implemented already today.

Helsinki Impact Conference is organised by the City of Helsinki as part of the City’s official programme to celebrate Finland’s EU presidency and the city-driven future of the European community.

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