Day 1: Wed 9 Oct 2019 



The opening session offers an insight into how global challenges affect European cities. Globally and locally meaningful solutions to challenges, such as rapid urban growth, immigration, growing segregation and climate change, are created within our cities. European cities need to act together as a strong and empowering network that shares knowledge on best practices and creates ownership at all levels of the European community. What affects the cities, affects the European Union as a whole.
The European community, which is built on the common values of peace, equality and joint liability, is further fostered or regressed within the European cities. Cities are the glue that holds the EU together.

The EU is only as strong as its cities and neighbourhoods. The speakers participating in the morning session include distinguished experts on European integration, urban policy and global megatrends.

Opening words
Moderators Tuuli Kaskinen & Henrik Suikkanen, Demos Helsinki

Opening speech
Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki

Keynote 1: Achieving impact through collective effort
Dr. Joan Clos,
Former Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-Habitat

Keynote 2: An open city in divisive times
Maria Vassilakou,
Deputy Mayor, Vienna

Keynote 3: Co-creating the city: how to integrate long-term vision and local action
Marko Peterlin, Co-founder and a director at IPop

Panel discussion

Closing the morning session

Lunch break

DAY 1: Wed 9 Oct 2019



European cities are important actors in addressing global problems, creating social cohesion and building trust on a concrete, operational level. Cities have an active role in shaping EU’s urban politics, which has to be acknowledged and supported by the European Union. Systemic level change is achieved through combining a long-term planning vision with actions, that can be implemented already today. Globally and locally meaningful change is created within our cities when inspiration is turned into real impact.

The afternoon session includes speeches from inspirational urban changemakers that have driven forward significant change to make our cities more open, enjoyable and resilient.

Introduction to the afternoon session

Keynote 1: Learning curves for better city futures
Brent Toderian,

Keynote 2: Democratizing artificial intelligence and data vision and local action
Francesca Bria,
Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer, Barcelona City Council

Keynote 3: Towards inclusive political participation in shaping European societies
Tunde Adefioye,
Cultural Coordinator and Founding Member at Urban Woorden vzw

Coffee break

Trio debate: an interactive discussion

Closing words

Cocktails @Allas Sea Pool

Dat 2: Thu 10 Oct 2019



The morning session of the day 2 brings us back to the big picture of how cities are the glue that holds Europe together. The session will dig deeper into topics like open data, people-centric digitalisation, resilience in the era of climate change, preventing segregation and building social cohesion. Along with a more powerful role in meeting the global challenges, cities also accept an increased responsibility to provide their citizens with better opportunities to actively shape their city futures.

The morning session invites European city leaders to share best practice examples from across major European cities and discuss common challenges.

Opening speech: Keeping up with rapid change – responsive and responsible urban solutions
The European Commission and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, speakers to be confirmed

Leaders’ session: Cities as a glue of the EU – Conversation between European City Leaders
Moderator: Anna Lisa Boni, EUROCITIES Secretary General

Closing words

Lunch break

DAY 2: Thu 10 Oct 2019



The afternoon session is about embracing the idea, that cities are our ever-changing platforms, where power is shared to create valuable solutions and innovations that are owned by our citizens. New technologies and open data support city planning processes and open new opportunities for co-creation. Locality, identity, equality and proximity form the basis of good quality urban design, which is important for preventing segregation and creating human-scale cities.

The afternoon programme consists of parallel sessions, where participants can dive deeper into the idea of “cities as user platforms”. The sessions introduce inspirational examples of city economies, education, research and citizen empowerment that co-create change in our cities. Speakers include professionals from the private sector, researchers, policy officers and urban planners that have enabled significant, positive change through their projects and innovations.

Opening words
Mari Vaattovaara, Professor of Urban Geography and Director of Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies, University of Helsinki

Parallel sessions – What is your impact?

Session 1: Opening data and sharing information

Moderator: Irma Karjalainen,
HSY, Metrex
Bart Rosseau, Eurocities, tbc
Tanja Lahti, Helsinki Region Infoshare, City of Helsinki
Maarit Kahila, Maptionnaire, Helsinki
Susa Eräranta, City of Helsinki

Session 2: Making resilient neighbourhoods

Moderator: Sabina Kekic,
City of Amsterdam
Dagmar Keim, Eurocities
Seppo Junnila, Aalto University, Helsinki
Gunnar Heipp, Strategic+Urban+Mobility+Consulting, Munich
Venla Bernelius, Helsinki University

Session 3: Enabling digital innovation

Moderator: Theo Blackwell,
Chief Digital Officer, London (tbc)
Nikolaos Kontinakis, Eurocities
Roope Ritvos, Forum Virium Helsinki
Mikko Rusama, City of Helsinki
Jarmo Suomisto, City of Helsinki
Sasu Tarkoma, University of Helsinki

Closing the conference, coffee and networking 

Anni Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor,  City of Helsinki
Tuuli Kaskinen & Henrik Suikkanen, Demos Helsinki

HIC 2019 Side Event at Oodi

Join the HIC live streaming event to see and hear the top lecturers’ fascinating perspectives on topical and global themes and challenges affecting cities. 

You can follow a public live stream of the two-day conference held at Helsinki Music Centre at Central Library Oodi’s Kino Regina.

Alternatively, you can also watch the stream online from the comfort of your own couch. Any comments and questions related to the presentations will be transmitted in real time via a shared discussion platform.

Further information on the event will be provided closer to the conference.